Compliance Officers, a Necessary Asset to Corporations

I believe that the job of a Compliance Officer brings about immense dislike by CEOs and company employees in every corporation and business nationwide. I think that this thankless job carries with it a love/hate relationship between firms and the higher powers that oversee these companies abide by certain rules and regulations. A Compliance Officer considered a whistleblower, reports on any issues where that the corporation is not abiding by the rules and regulations set forth for the protection of everyone involved, CEOs, boards, employees, and the consumers.

As an example, a Compliance Officer on Wall Street makes sure that the traders and staff abide by the laws and regulations set up for everyone’s protection. There is always a fine gray line, and this Officer makes sure no one crosses this line in daily dealings. 

If the Compliance Officer does not do the job expected and reports made show mistakes and the collection of incorrect data their actions come under the scrutiny of higher officials and even the law on possible negligence charges. 

I feel that every company has the responsibility of showing compliance, and this is accomplished through the efforts of an experienced Compliance Officer. 

This investigation is useful because it seems to be the driving force for keeping even the most experienced Compliance Officers within their company accountable for deliberate and negligent actions in regards to financial crimes, schemes, and unlawful activity. 

Companies frown upon the Compliance Officer and the responsibilities they are in charge of, just because it makes companies accountable for illegal actions leading to prison time and hefty fines. A person qualified to accept the position as a Compliance Officer thinks twice these days whether or not to take such as precarious love/ hate position, even though salaries have skyrocketed upwards to millions a year. 

Helane Morrison formally from Brooklyn, New York and former regional director of the United States Securities and Exchange Commissions. She is a lawyer and keen businesswoman, serving in the field of company compliance since 2007. She received her bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University in journalism, then went on to earn her law degree and Juris Doctor from the University of California.

The Compliance Officer began a career in law over 20-years ago. Morrison held a position as Regional Director of the SECoverseeing enforcement programs in Northern California, Montana, Idaho, Northern Nevada, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. Currently, she serves as chief compliance officer and general counsel for a private investment company Hall Capital Partners LLC.

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Jon Urbana Uses Technology To Lead a Full Life

Most people only know of Jon Urbana from the major role the Colorado based business person has undertaken in the lacrosse community. Jon Urbana was a successful lacrosse standout with Villanova before embarking on a career as a coach to some of the top young players in the U.S. Over the course of the last few years the star defensive player has opened his own Next Level Lacrosse Camps, which have become popular for providing a sporting education and increasing the sense of community players feel towards each other and their neighbors.

Lacrosse and business play a major role in the life of Jon Urbana, but he has also looked to the arts as a good way of making sure his life is as full and exciting as possible. Photography is one of the great passions of the life of Jon Urbana and features heavily in the posts Urbana makes to his Twitter account; the photography career of Jon Urbana takes in his main interests of travel and food that are reflected in the work he posts to different platforms.

Travel has played a full role in the life of Jon Urbana in recent years, but the Ellipse Technologies executiveis not simply satisfied to remain a tourist. Instead, Urbana has embarked upon a full and satisfying flying career that includes many different aspects of being a pilot being explored by Urbana. The dedication to excellence that remains within Jon Urbana and his music is shown in the high quality of education and experience he has built up in aviation, including his being entered onto the list of the top pilots in the world by U.S. authorities.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana is not only interested in the life he leads, but also looks to assist his local community with a series of fund raising efforts. Urbana has used crowd funding websites in recent times to support the work of many animal based charities to make sure the people and animals of Colorado have the best opportunities to live a healthy and successful life.

Dick and Betsy DeVos and their New Endeavor

Dick DeVos and Financial Blessings 

Dick DeVos and his family had a clear response to their own financial blessings. They had launched a foundation in the year 1989. The family foundation had been based on a model that their own parents had instilled in them. This is a family that does strive to serve as stewards within their community as is evidenced by Dick’s active social media stream.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Their family has worked hard and received many financial blessings and Dick DeVos and ensured that giving back financially is included. Dick DeVos is a man who includes philanthropy within his entire life. He is indeed a financially blessed man who gives back to society in many grand ways.

The Business and the Liquor Motion 

Dick an Betsy DeVos are a Grand Rapids-based couple who now have a motion set for the purchase of a Distillery. Their holding company, Windquest Group, has a motion to purchase Coppercraft. This couple is viewed as a Michigan political power duo. The transfer of a liquor license does have the ability to take at least six months for the state to actually approve it. The LCC has approved a license transfer. Windquest is named and listed as a “registered agent.” This is of the Holland Township company. The latest endeavor for Dick and Betsy DeVos is the liquor business. The liquor business may be on the horizon for Dick and Betsy DeVos. 

Dick DeVos and a Strong Connection to Business

Dick is an educated businessman. He is a graduate of Northwood University. He and his wife, Betsy are quite active within the world of business. Education plays a vital role in his life, as evidenced by the aviation academy he and his wife Betsy founded. Dick keeps his life balanced by pursuing his passions in flight, which was a driving factor in his decision to found the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

Sales and profitability are well-known to Dick DeVos. He is a man with a strong connection to business. He is a businessman who firmly believes in donating his wealth. To learn more about this intriguing individual, please view his home page of connect with him on LinkedIn. He is a man who is indeed has a strong connection to business, yet he is know to give away billions of dollars to many worthy causes via the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

His father is the co-founder of the major corporation,  Amway which has been a foundation for Dick’s business knowledge and practices.